Spotlight on Dominic Gaye

Introducing my 1st Feature Friday!!! Dominic Gaye of Gaye Magazine he is a 22 years old Virginia native who recently uprooted to Atlanta to pursue his dreams of creating a digital empire for the LGBT community.

Why did you create Gaye Magazine?

I started Gaye Magazine with the intention to educate and inspire the LGBT community. To let them know that they were not alone in their quest to find acceptance, love, friendship, and togetherness. Then I realized, we are no different from anyone else seeking all the above. The difference in Gaye Magazine is that we are striving to be the first opportunity magazine, where aspiring individuals are able to share their story.

What is a typical day like for you?

Every day I wake up and check social media and my email. I flag all of the important incoming mail and make sure I read them twice before I respond. I spend the majority of my time promoting the magazine online which is how we have grown. I post a new article every Friday, these are usually scheduled to publish a month in advance. Based on my work schedule, I typically designated one day a week in which I push myself to get everything done. It is definitely a balancing act managing Gaye Magazine and my personal life.

What does living intentionally mean for you?

It means treating others how I want to be treated. My philosophy is if I treat others with respect and kindness, then it will come back to me. I believe my life purpose is to give a voice to those who feel they will never be heard.

What obstacles have you overcome to pursue your dream?

Realizing that everyone will not help and support your dreams. My advice to you is to keep your dreams to yourself. Do your research and put in the work. Allow your results to speak for themselves. Often times when you tell people your plan, you begin to get unsolicited advice that can become a distraction.

What is going to be your legacy?

I will be known for Gaye Magazine, a radio and talk show. Gaye Magazine will be known for our fiscal and provocative contributions to the LGBT community. Personally, I aspire to become a loving husband and father to my future family.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

Gaye is growing and by 2017, we will be going to print monthly. Our website will be relaunched with the addition of new contributors to the team. Personally, I am working on another project that I am excited about, but I will have to keep you all guessing about that for now!

What advice do you live by?

Treat people the way you want to be treated. This is just as true as is it simple, if you have a kind heart and put out great energy into the universe, you will get it back. Every time!
Photo cred: Justin Harrell

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