Jumpstart your Journey

What does it intentional living mean? On episode 1, we discuss 3 simple ways you can start living intentionally and why intentional living is easy.

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  1. Be purposeful with your time. Don’t allow social media or television to distract you from living your life.
  2. Choosing your network wisely. Make sure the people around you really support you and help to elevate you to the next level. Find like-minded people who are working towards their goals. 
  3. Be the pilot of your own destiny. Every decision you make has a powerful ramification on your life. 


  • Intentional living is not about being perfect it’s about being meaningful. 
  • Get off the couch, and get out of that rot that you call a routine. 
  • We don’t all have money but we do all have time. 
  • Trash the bucket list (fellow planners). You haven’t done anything with it yet, and you ain’t gone do nothing with it.
  • Every action you make has a reaction in your life. 


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