Confessions the Valuable Lesson I Learned from My Aunt

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Excuse me ahead of time because I get very emotional when I talk about my Aunt Betty who passed away 20 years ago of AIDS. Let me start by saying I can never repay her for the childhood lessons her present taught me. I wanted to share a resounding memory and lesson I have from my beautiful time with her. My parents were not extremely encouraging or affectionate when I was growing up. As an adult, I attribute it to how they were raised and the obstacles they had to overcome. It’s no fault of their own. That’s not who they are or how they were raised.

But my Aunt, on the other hand, was one of those people who was always full of life and laughs. She always knew how to have a good time. I can remember my Aunt Betty and her best friend Niecy coming over on the weekends,and hanging out with my Mom. And every Sunday morning without fail I would wake up to a note on my mirror from my Aunt Niecy written in her red lipstick. “Good night, love you, babies.”

Without fail it always made me feel loved. I guess birds of a feather flock together because my Aunt Betty was the same way. She always made me feel loved and special. As a child, I could remember feeling like I was her favorite, come to think of it I am pretty sure both my sisters would probably say the same. She was just the type of person you gravitate to.

I a few years ago I was watching some old home videos. We were all in a park and I was humming or nodding my head. And my Aunt said look at Chell she’s a little superstar. Now even as an adult her words of encouraging still make me feel special and loved.

Children need Reaffirmation

I love you
You are so special
I believe in you
You can do anything, you put your mind to
Look how great you are at ______, you going to be an amazing ____________

As a parent and adult (aunt, cousin, godparent, etc.) never forget the power of positive words. No matter how cliche they may sound to our jaded adult minds. Children need to hear that, those words will be the things they will remember when they are going through a hard time. I am not a parent so don’t get me wrong, I have no clue about how to raise children. But I was a child and years later these are the memories that I cherish most. I THINK that alone SPEAKS volume. So please take it from me and…

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4 thoughts on “Confessions the Valuable Lesson I Learned from My Aunt

  1. Susie Brantley

    We all need an Aunt Betty. Mine is my aunt Elsie. No one else knows my heart breaks and my accomplishments outside of my mom like my aunt Elsie. She was that mom I could talk to when I didn't feel I could talk to my mom or grandmother. Thank God for those type of aunt's.

  2. Dominic Gaye

    This was such a great read and sound advice. I can relate to some of your childhood and your longing for affirmation from a family member. Love it!


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