How to Set Goals You Actually Accomplish

As a young adult I had a tendency to only set what I seen as attainable goals for myself. Being risk adverse and hating failure sometimes makes it difficult for you to go after what you really want in life.

Why Should you be a Goal Go-Getter?

  • You want to make a change
  • You have something to prove to yourself 
  • You ready to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results (after all that’s insanity)
  • You want to win

If your new to this Goal Go-Getter scene. Here are a few suggestions on Where to Start

Find a Mentor

No matter what you are trying to do. There is always someone who has walked in your path. Find someone within you field or goal of desire. Here’s a great video from Marie Forleo on ‘How to Find a Mentor’.

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Re-create your Surroundings

I’m sorry to say it but if you’ve been wondering around for the last 20 plus years without any goals or goals that truly speak to your purpose. The likeliness is your group of friend probably have too. Like I always say ‘You have to run with the runners’, you have to surround yourself with like minded people. People who are making moves and not just sitting around talking about ‘what they are going to do.’

Do some Research

Words of caution from a research obsessive, don’t overdo it. Find out just enough information to get started. If you do to much research you can find yourself deterred, imitating (biggest form of flattery), or intimated.

I tried most goal setting techniques but this simple method of answering the 4 W’s helped me set goals that create daily success. After testing several methods I found that we over think things. Especially when we’re starting a new project, overwhelmed by our workload, or just scared of tackling the task head on. Typically this lead to us never getting started or never completing what we started. If you fall into any of those categories, this is the planning method for you. Every night before bed takes 15-30 minutes to think through your 4 W’s.

WHAT do you want to accomplish tomorrow

  • Write it down and post it in a visible place i.e. planner, whiteboard, etc.

WHEN are you going to complete each task

  • Set realistic time frames for you to complete each task.
  • Write down the start and finish time for each task. Allow for buffer time like 15-30 minutes between each task.
  • Keep in mind setting unrealistic time frames to complete your task will lead to you undervaluing your accomplishments.

If you found this post help, then the Action Book is the perfect guide for going from Dreamer to Action Taker!

WHERE are you going to complete each task

  • Decide on a quiet and well lite location where you can complete each task.
  • Remember: Sun light=energy  +  Quiet=focus
  • For example, if you are going to the library, go ahead and pack your bag before bed. This will save you time in the morning.

WHY you need to complete these task

  • Thinking through your why will help you identify your weekly or monthly goals.

HOW will you get your task done

  • Think of any obstacles that may stop you from completing your task (i.e. work obligations, children, events, etc.) and plan accordingly
  • For example, if you know your children and they go to bed at 8pm, plan to start your first task at 815pm.

 Chell Bee W’s for August 10th

  • WHAT Read 15 blogs, make comments, and share on social media (any that you love and think are helpful to your Tribe).
  • WHEN Thursday, August 11th 7p-815p
  • WHERE My Bed I need to go to bed as soon as I finish because I have an early morning flight.
  • WHY spread love and support other creatives. Pay it forward! Big picture commenting on other blogs helps me connect with new bloggers and grow my Tribe which is important to my long-term goal of creating a community.
  • HOW Hubby working, leaving work on time (no and if’s or buts about it), and no events planned so I am all clear. If my Hubby was home I would probably plan to do this in the morning (before work), so that I could spend time with him after work.

The steps are really simple, you may not need to write down your how, where, or why every day. But when you first start out, I definitely challenged you to do so until you are in the habit of thinking through that entire process daily.


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4 thoughts on “How to Set Goals You Actually Accomplish

  1. Chell Bee

    Thanks Justin! Yes goal setting should be a requirement. Its a way to hold yourself accountable. You are so right! I definitely surround myself with go getters, who have a plan and understand the importance of moving with purpose.

  2. Justin Harrell

    Writing goals for me is an requirement. It's my guidance to my next steps in life. Like they say, a ship does not sail without a destination, so i personally make sure i start my day with a set of goals. You touched alot of valid points. Don't be afriad to stress the importance of goal setting. Im sure you dont even surround yourself with people that dont create these habits, so your readers should know, its a lifestyle, not a thing to do. Great work! #MeetMeThere

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