Confessions the Valuable Lesson I Learned in August

Oh, August so many lessons learned, it has been a month to remember, to say the least. July took my life in an unexpected direction, I was hospitalized for the first time ever. Anyone who knows me knows, I dislike and avoid the hospital at all cost. But I experienced excruciating pain and was unable to walk, move around in the bed, or stand without feeling as though I was going to faint.

Thankfully my husband came home from work and rushed me to the hospital. I underwent an MRI and they found internal bleeding but were unable to definitely identify the cause. The physicians believe it was an ovarian cyst which is extremely common, unpredictable, and un-treatable. I was in the hospital for observation and pain management for 2 days unable to walk or eat. Shortly after my hospital release and return to work I was feeling sorry for myself, between the fear of the hospital cost, my minuscule savings account, and pure exhaustion. For a moment I believed my life would never change. But only God could have known what I needed in my life.

God placed people in my path that truly turned things around. I started to working on my blog and refocused my energy on God. My spirituality is a continual work in progress but God has brought me through so much. I will continue to share my journey because that is how I chose to thank him and pay it forward.

Recently I began helping 3 bloggers start and expand their business, and I must admit it felt really good. Sometimes all it takes to feel better about your situation is to step outside of yourself, your problems, and your own bs. The time I spent lending a hand to pull them up and encourage them. Inspired me to working even hard to enhance my business. My work ethic is 150%, I have a lot to share with you guys. But I’m excited about the sleepless nights, long working weekends, coffee, and lots of energy drinks to execute all these amazing ideas I have in this little brain of mine. Never give up on yourself!

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4 thoughts on “Confessions the Valuable Lesson I Learned in August

  1. Chell Bee

    Hi Tiffany Nicole,Omg I know all about rerecording podcast. I'm ready! The world needs what we have to share. You just have to keep moving, hard times are temporary.

  2. Tiffany Pigee

    Chell – This post was so timely. It's so easy to not take time to reflect… lol – Your Month in Review is actually the topic of that podcast cast I'm re-recording… I digress. You are meant for something amazing and the world is here for it! And so am I. Always remember that when things seem their worst, it's because you're on the cusp of greatness!

  3. Georgette Bond

    August was the beginning for you. The time is now to activate all will power. You were tested and look who came out on top! Keep fighting and pushing for your destiny. You are unstoppable by all means necessary. As long as you are able to breathe you are able to accomplish anything! Sounds crazy right. You have a huge support system behind you! I am excited to see where your blog takes you!

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