An Easy How to Create a Coffee Bar

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Most of the home projects I do are on a very small budget and scale, I like to use items I already own or that are inexpensive to renew our home. For almost 2 years now we have had this eye sore of a cabinet that our fish tank was displayed on. Fortunately for me after going through over 3 sets of fish, my husband is finally ready to get rid of the fish tank. I thought it would be great to turn the cabinet into a Coffee Bar.
I am super excited about the Coffee Bar because it freed up a ton of space in our kitchen (i.e. pantry and counter top space). So it was definitely worth the 30 bucks I spent creating it. After all, I love coffee, like seriously I’m addicted. If you follow me on Instagram this is no secret since every other photo is of coffee (if you aren’t following me, you should). Of course, if you are not a coffee lover you could definitely use this as a wet or tea bar instead, whatever suits you fancy. To each its’ own.

As usual before starting any project I did some inspiration research on Pinterest. I decided that I wanted our Coffee Bar to be cabinet based with a shelf to display a few items. We already owned both of these items so it was a no-brainer. It was important that this project is effortless, so I decided to paint the cabinets without sanding. We did this previously with our bedroom furniture and it turned out beautifully.

DIY Cabinet to Coffee Bar Makeover

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DIY Coffee Bar Supplies


How to Paint a Coffee Bar 

  • Move your cabinet to a well-ventilated space. Protect your floors and any others items in the room you plan to paint in. I painted ours in the garage and left the door open.
  • Clean your cabinet and ensure there is no dust or particles.
  • Apply the Kilz Latez to the cabinet. Allow this to dry completely. I would recommend allowing at least 12 hours. Make sure you paint in a
  • Apply the paint color of your choice. Allow this to dry completely. To save money I purchased a tester of my desired paint color. The tester was more than enough. I did 3 coats and I still have some paint left.
  • Repeat step 3 until you have the desired opaqueness.
  • Move your cabinet to the desired space.
  • Stock and style your coffee bar! I used photos, tea set, and mugs to decorate our coffee bar. 

After setting up my coffee bar, I noticed my cabinet counter top paint was sticky. Possibly because there was not enough drying time. As a result, I had to find a solution to save my coffee bar. So I applied marble adhesive paper (or anything you prefer), this prevents continued paint sticking (which leads to peeling).

Stock your Coffee Bar Supplies

Style your Coffee Bar Supplies

Make sure you give the cabinet plenty of time to dry completely. This will ensure your paint is not sticky and does not peels off when items are placed on the surfaces. If you do find your counter top surface is sticky try applying baby powder or drying it with a blow-dryer.

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  1. Tiffany Pigee

    Omg!!! You did a great job. I love the added shelving at the top . I have an empty built-in kitchen desk area that this type of concept would be perfect for. I love the tip for the marble paper, I've been wanting to do something with marble paper for awhile now and you just gave me a few ideas!!! Love it.

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