25 Powerful Authentic Living Blogs

Recently a reader asked me where she could find more tips on intentional living. So I thought it would be great to share 25 intentional living blogs for every audience.

What is intentional living?
According to Wikipedia, it is a lifestyle based on an individual or group’s conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs. These can include lifestyles based on religious or ethical values, as well as coaching, personal transformation, and leadership training. My personal definition of intentional living is living each day with purpose and actions will shape the legacy on seek to leave the world.

Why should you live intentionally?

  • Life is short!
  • Create a meaningful legacy
  • Achieve happiness and fulfillment
  • A life without purpose is meaningless


  •  Marie ForleoUnless you live under a rock you have likely seen Marie, the creator she has been featured on Oprah Super Soul Sessions among many other places. She is most known for her short videos that provide great insight on a variety of topics encouragement, overcoming depression, visualization, goal setting, etc.
  • Tiffany Nicole Forever Tiffany, the creator is a true entrepreneur at heart she gives tools to change your attitude and create the life you want. Side note, she is one of my real life blogger friends, and I love her to pieces.  
  • House of Muses is a mindset approach to intentionally living. The creator Jordanna shares tips on living minimally, happiness, and planning (but on a carefree and think quick basis).
  • Simplicity Refreshed focuses on living minimally and living adventurously. The creator, Daisy takes a simplicitc approach to life and spirituality.
  • Project Breatheutilizes yoga, mindfulness, and mediation to create a journey of living intentionally. The creator, Rach is a counselor and uses her background to take control over her overwhelming life and enjoy life.
  • Hello Neverland creator Kenzie utilizes weekly challenges to encourage intentional living and foster a community that focuses and supports one another efforts towards living intentionally.
  •  John Maxell a guru of intentional living shares tips and inspirational stories.
  • Thyme is Honey creator Danielle shares planning resources, design tips, and healthy lifestyle.
  • Just Haves creator Justine Santaniello is a lifestyle contributor (you have probably seen on daytime television) she shares tips on life balance, health, and lifestyle.
  • Buckeye Blisscreator Colleen is a college student who shares her lesson learned, organizing tips, and college experiences.

  • Day Designer creator Whitney English has quickly become known for her beautiful planner but she also shares tips on productivity, goal setting, and organization. 
  •  Eliza Ellis focuses on the importance of staying organized. She features amazing planner, diaries, and housework schedules printable. She is most known for her beautiful planner printable, which you have likely seen on Pinterest.
  • The Haute Notesfeatures blogging tips, self-development, and goal setting tips. The creator Rachel is a blog coach and share free printable for bloggers getting started.

Career Women

  • The Finance Girl from a financial perspective she features advice on careers, budgeting, and goal setting. Natalie, the creator is a lawyer who shares her personal financial experience with overcoming student loan debt.
  •  Ms Career Girl is focused on career advice and productivity tips to ensure success.
  •  Your Coffee Break is a lifestyle blog but shares tips on how to create work life balance and how to manage working full time while doing what you love on the side.

Busy Moms
  • Just a Girl and Her Blog features simple printable with a focus on organization. Abby, the creator is a mother and wife she writes about her success as a blogger lending helpful tips, home decorating, and diy home organization projects.
  • Smart Mom Smart Ideas shares organizing, home management, and parenting advice for they busy Mom. Rachel the creator, works full time, has 3 kids, and shares her techniques for juggling it all.
  • Written Reality is faith based approach to intentionally living for busy moms. The creator Mitzi believes shares recipes, organization, and housekeeping tips.


  • Maple Alps faith based perspective to intentional living which features a holistic approach to life. Amanda, the creator is a newlywed so she shares her relationship views, recipes, and diy skin care.
  • Intentional Living by Grace is a faith based approach to intentionally living for those in need of assistance with their spiritual journey. The creator Grace, she her book recommendations, bible reading plans, and resources for strengthen your relationship with God. 
  • Tracie Miles the creator is a minister whom encourages women faith and pursuant of life purpose.
  • Women with Intention creator Jenny shares her guide to living life intentionally in 31 days among other great tips for busy faith based families.
  • Guy Hatcher the creator shares tips on living in Gods purpose, creating a legacy plan, and leadership.
  • Right Now-Randy Carlsonshares faith based podcast for men on living and leading there family to lead intentional lives.

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  1. gigi

    oooh! Looking forward to checking all these blogs out! Thank you for including the definition, because I really wasn't aware what the term meant. Thank you!

  2. Chell Bee

    Thank you for sharing your journey and wealth of information. Everyday we have to push through and fight to not become a statistics. Because many of us will never fight for our dreams.

  3. Tiffany

    Thank you so much for including me in this list. Intentional Living is such an all encompassing was of experiencing life. I wish for everyone to find their way and truly live, not just exist.

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