Life’s Purpose: I share my Journal for the First Time

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What is your life’s purpose?

I have been putting off journaling lately. Whenever my pen meets paper, water works follow. Today I needed to post on social media so I decided to share a quote from my book of positive quotes. Which made me realize how far I have come.

A month ago I was whining and complaining. Life just was not giving me my way. Lately, friends of mine have noticed the change in me. I no longer sweat the small stuff. People may irritate or frustrate me but I know everyday petty things are irrelevant to what God has planned for me. I’m just ready to help people change their lives and their outlook. I don’t know how many ways I can say life is too short!

Being surrounded by death since childhood taught me to value life. I have witnessed time and time again that it is not guaranteed (to anyone no matter the age). So, therefore, I am dedicated to making something amazing happen.

I just want to do God’s will, I believe I can do that by helping others be themselves and share their given talents whatever that maybe. Everyone needs encouragement, I am ready and willing to do just that for whoever needs it. So I guess if I had to answer the question I posed to my subscribers. What are you willing to die for? ( i.e. What do you believe is your life purpose)

I am willing to die, to help women and men to see themselves. Understand they are perfect in every way. Push them to share who they are with the world. Help them understand that sharing means helping others along the way. Sometimes I feel like we live in a world filled with imitators and it so sad. People are scared to be who they are. Scared to know them. Scared to be by themselves.

Time and time again I have watched multiple people spiral out of control because they are running away from themselves. My biggest question is where do I start, how do I make a positive change on something that has made such a large negative impact. I have watched my own mother struggle with this most of her life. Scared to be who she is because she doesn’t feel worthy.

To be honest I’m sure watching her is part of the reason I am so passionate about the topic. Going through the same thing also helped fuel my passion. Choosing to hide behind drinking, partying, and men are still running.

If you are ever afraid to speak you mind, laugh loud (that from the gut laugh), or share your past. Something is wrong. You have to be willing to shout your sorrows, your pains, and your triumphs from the mountain top. Because we not only learn through our own experiences but also the experiences of others.

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