The World has enough Frauds, Why you Need to be Authentic

Image Credit: Dc Lovensky

The best thing you can do is be authentic. In a world filled with imitators, frauds, liar, and phony. Being yourself is the only way to be original, no one can be you. Let me first start by saying this is our place, to be honest, and to be ourselves. I am a woman of my word. So I will never sugar coat things or tell you what you want to hear to avoid hurting your feelings.

I am at a place in my life, where my honesty is tied directly to my happiness. I must be honest with myself, with others, and above all God about who I am, how I feel, and where I want to go. I do not have space in my life for anyone that cannot accept that. So if you are ok with all the above statements, then this is the perfect place for you…

“I am at a place where my honesty is tied directly to my happiness.” -Chell Bee

I’m sure that I am just like you. I work 9a-5p, Monday thru Friday, sometimes Saturday. I am up to my neck in student loan debts (but let’s be honest I have no intentions on paying that off in its entirety… just saying lol!). I have made the intentional decision to not let stress define me. I am trying to balance being a fiance, sister, aunt, friend, and daughter (I don’t always do a good job, but I am definitely trying). I should be going crazy with wedding plans but I am just like whateves, the day will be awesome even if the reception meal is pizza. Do not get me wrong, I am uber excited about getting married to My Love. But I absolutely refuse to go into debt for one day.

Tweet it! Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

I’ve come to a place in life where I want to share my journey. I am more in touch with who I am than I have ever been before, and it is an amazing awakening. One day as I was writing a post for my old blog, I realized that I had way more to share than just beauty and hair tips. I realized that I wanted other women to feel beautiful but not just because they found the perfect lipstick shade or the right concealer. They should feel beautiful because they have accepted who they are and found a way to use their gifts and talents to help others. I just want to encourage you to be yourself, whoever that may be.

3 Reason Why You Should Be Authentic

You are uniquely You.

So the great thing about being yourself is no one else can be you. Of course, there will be people who imitate you but remember imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Your perspective, style, voice, and story is beautiful. You have to know that and live in that every day. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!

You were created to be Amazing.

You have to know that you are amazing and there are no alterations that you need to make. We all were created to serve a purpose in this universe. But it is up to us to utilize who we are to our fullest potential and share that with the world. If we all make an effort to make an impact (even if that just means your local community) this world would look so different. We have the potential and capability to be a HERO to someone.

You’re Fearless.

Don’t be afraid to be who you are at all times. Yes, there will be moments where you need to refrain from speaking your opinion (primarily if it may possibly hurt someone else). Like Joel Osteen said, you don’t always need to Pop Off. Being yourself should not harm others, it should help build others up.


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